To raise money for the 30 Hour Famine, TYG is unleashing a flock of flamingos on the community!

For a donation of $15 or more the Flamingo Flocking crew, the “Flockers”, will deliver a dozen birds to unsuspecting yards to where they have been directed to roost, usually arriving unnoticed in the cloak of darkness or while the homeowners are at work. The flamingo flocking recipient will be left with an explanation, care instructions, and the number to the Flamingo Rescue Hotline. The Flockers will remove the birds within 48 hours.

Flocking Insurance: You can buy Standard Insurance for $15 to protect yourself from 2 flockings. For those who are really worried, you can purchase our Premium Top of the Line LEAVE ME THE FLOCK ALONE Insurance for $30 and you are protected for the entire season. Anti-flocking insurance is perfect for you if:

  • You are flamingo phobic
  • You would not like tacky, beady-eyed flamingos on your yard
  • You are afraid what others might think
  • You do not wish to be flocked “again”

To place an order or bye insurance, write Chris an e-mail @ with the Name and Address of of the “victim.” Checks can be made to “World Vision,” and please read the guidelines before flocking.