Did you know?

  • 25,000 kids under the age of 5 will die today from Hunger, Poverty, and Disease.
  • 13,000 of those kids will die just from causes related to Hunger
  • That’s one child every 7 seconds
  • World Hunger is totally, absolutely 100% preventable!

The 30 Hour Famine is an International Youth Event sponsored by the nonprofit organization, World Vision. On March 26th – 27th.  TYG  will not eat for 30 Hours to raise awareness and support for this Crisis. For $1 you can give food and care to a child who needs it in a 3rd world country for an entire day. Our goal: to raise $3,650 to feed 100 children for one year. We will hunger so they will not. Is this goal too lofty? With your support I don’t think so.  Will you help us in reaching this goal? You can sponsor a specific youth, the group as a whole, or take part in any of our fundraisers, and all proceeds will go towards this one goal.