30 Hour Famine: Valentines Fund Raiser

The 30 Hour Famine is a national youth event to raise awareness and funds for an organization called World Vision. For $1 you can bring food and care to a child for an entire day in a third world country. On March 26-27, TYG’ers will not eat for 30 hours to raise money for this cause. You can sponsor an individual youth or the group as a whole.

Want to support us in reaching our goal? Send a personal message, a flower bouquet, and candy to someone you love for only $30. All proceeds go to the 30 Hour Famine, and supplies are limited. E-mail Chris at chiron1138@aol.com if you would like a valentine, or if you would like to sponsor a youth the group or have any questions about the 30 Hour Famine.

A Divine Appointment

Last Sunday afternoon, the sun shone brightly through the Starbucks window upon a small table. People on a mission passed by to get their afternoon coffee before the store was closed at 3pm for a weekend renovation. Four people crammed around the small table with a mission of their own, to plan upcoming events for TYG. Sipping from his Venti Cinnamon Dolche Latte, Chris curtailed the small talk and offered to start the meeting with a prayer. After heads bowed, a few words, and an Amen. Chris started into a short devotion, but was quickly cut short by an elderly lady stepping up behind him. A youthful energy emanated from her as she spoke.

She exhorted them for being young believers, to keep up the good work, and to continue to trust and follow Him. She reminisced first coming to Christ at a young age, and meeting her husband at a summer bible camp. She grieved the recent loss of her husband and then explained that they had been missionaries to Romania, and that she would be in town for two weeks before heading back. Kyle, the most perceptive of the group slowly spoke up, “Are you Shelby Boyd’s (a TYG’er) Grandmother?” “Yes!” she replied. And the group asked in almost unison, “How can we help you?”

Before Anne Boyd returns to Romania, for children and teenagers she is looking to gather as many Christian Books, Cd’s, and DVD’s as possible (examples include Veggie Tales, and The Shack). All donations can be brought to TYG on Wed. Feb 10th.

Anne is also raising money to print Hungarian Bibles, only$ 10 apiece. All information can be found about that Here. You can find her Website Here., and Blog Here.

Postponed: Sorting Haiti Donations with Sirona Cares

We will not be meeting this Saturday (Feb 6th) to sort donations to Haiti with Sirona Cares. As their Blog tells:

“Our King Street location is being closed, as the space was recently leased.  This lease is good news for the owner of the building who has generously supported our endeavor from the beginning.  This is good for Sirona Cares as well, for we are moving to a new, larger facility that will accommodate all of the goods we have collected and sorted, as well as those being collected at every fire house in San Francisco.”

Once they settle into their new facility we will again setup a day to help them sort donations so stay tuned.